I am thankful for…..

On November 22, 2011, in Blog Entry, by Estela Casas

…..you fill in the blank:


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  1. Darlene Gore says:

    I am Thankful for…..
    My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    My Husband and Children!
    Family and Friends!
    Health and Happiness!
    Our Troops!
    My Pets!
    50 years of life!

  2. Teresa Garay says:

    My daughter’s continuous fight against leukemia. She had a cord blood bone marrow transplant and doing well.
    My children (grown) continue to practice family traditions and care for one another.
    My health and wisdom that I’ve acquired.
    Family and close friends!

  3. Gabe says:

    Cougar Nation:
    On this day I’m “Thankful” for all that supported our teams’ effort this year and hope that Rachael and I were able to maximize everyone’s memories of our remarkable 2011 season. I’m Thankful for the commitment of our coaches developing our players to be the best individuals they could possibly be both on and off the field. I’m Thankful for this year’s Senior Class for taking the time and putting forth the effort ~ becoming the leaders you became and restoring the tradition we have come to know and expect at Franklin. I’m Thankful for the legacy you created, the pride you’ve restored, the maturity and respect you displayed towards this year’s underclassmen. I’m Thankful for many things, but especially for # 7 as he truly demonstrated character, determination, pride, and commitment to his team by becoming their strongest supporter and continued to be a part of his team even when the injury assured him he would never participate again!
    If your son was able to be a part of this year’s team whether it be Freshman ~ JV ~ Varsity and he had an injury but returned to play again; be Thankful that he was healthy enough to make it through the entire 2011 season. If your son did not get the playing time that you feel he deserved; be Thankful because it will only make him realize he needs to work that much harder in the off season. If your son was on the team and was part of a large rotation in his specific position; be Thankful because we have the depth to play as many players on any given game symbolizing a true team concept. If your son was part of the varsity team and was able to travel but did not play or play enough; be Thankful because he had the opportunity to experience what only a select few will ever experience in a life time coming away with memories to be cherished for years to come. If your son was heartbroken on November 18th and has gone into what we know are football withdraws; be Thankful because deep down in his soul you know he truly has a love for the game, and more importantly a love for his team mates.
    As a parent, booster, or team supporter ~ if you found the “work” to keep this team rolling in the right direction to be intricate, strenuous, with numerous never ending tasks; be Thankful because your efforts are truly appreciated by our players and coaching staff. If you traveled ~ whether to a local game or out of town and had the opportunity to share a story, a cheer, a bad call, a laugh, a cry, a victory, or a loss; be Thankful because you too created memories that will last a life time and hopefully someday bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye, and a warm feeling in your heart when reflected upon.
    As a former player, coach, and current Booster ~ I give emphasis to the fact that this sport of football that I so deeply love and speak so fondly of has created many special memories for me and my family having gone through good times, adversity, wins and losses, but always walking away with the lesson that was meant to be learned by the outcome of what happened on the field.
    So in closing I’d like to ask each of you to remember and be “Thankful” for all the things that did happen in 2011 and not dwell on the things that did not!
    May God Bless you all for all you have done and will continue to do for Franklin Football!!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Gabe ~ Rachael ~ Matthew #7

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